Review: American Judas, by Mickey Dubrow


American Judas is a riveting read — immersing you right away into this dystopian world about what could happen when The State/Christian Church rules all. The narrative is fast-paced and filled with a cast of well-constructed characters that swoop the reader into the scenes as masterful as a hungry bald eagle in a swift dive toward its prey.

With Maggie and Seth Ginsberg as our see-ers, our deft players in this cautionary tale, we experience the complexities of survival in a land filled with spilled blood, “Jesus Zombies” and 50s era “morality.” They, in turn, make us cry, laugh, and give us hope.

Dubrow incorporates wit and humor throughout the novel to balance the intensity and shine a light on frequent hypocrisies. This technique is also utilized very well in showing what people do to just cope. Cope in the midst of tragic circumstances. Laugh, to survive.

A note on setting – Dubrow also does an excellent job of dropping us in the landscapes. The various places in the book are, in my opinion, characters in their own right. You can taste the dirt of the desert, feel the thickness of the doom permeating the air of the “Savior Camps”- and savor the moments of safety and warmth the Ginsbergs are able to capture together at home.

American Judas is a timely read that not only keeps you turning the pages, but it also asks questions like, “What is faith, really?” “Is power the mightiest human driver?” “What are you willing to sacrifice for what is ‘right’ and ‘good'” –??–

A highly recommended read!

American Judas is published by SFK Press.